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A new game of Balderdash is starting on Sunday 8th March. Please join us at  balderdash_game 

Balderdash is a game with 5 different rounds (words, dates, films, people and initials) The idea of the game is not to guess the real answer, although you get a point if you do, but to try to convince other people that your definition is the real definition.

Take the 'word round' for example, someone posts a word on a Sunday evening, the players make up a definition and PM it to the person running the game. On Wednesday all the definitions, plus the real one, get posted and everyone has until Sunday night to vote on which they think is the real answer.

these three are an example of one round.
Part 1 - submission of definitions
Part 2 - definitions
Part 3 - answers and points

Check out game 4 rounds 2, 3, 4, and 5 to see the different rounds.

The rules
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