C.x (itsjustc) wrote,

I went for a walk today

After spending the afternoon practicing my signing I decided as the weather was like a beautiful and sunny spring day I put on my coat and went for a walk in the valley near to where I live.

I walked down the hill towards the little old methodist chapel in the woods that still has a service on Sunday at 3pm and has a congregation of about 6. Down the old cobble path that leads to the valley. I walked along the nature trail for a couple of miles and then sat for 15 minutes in quiet listening to the river. I had a run through of my signing while sat on the bench. I then turned around and walked back past the path I walked down and walked about half a mile in the other direction to the little stone bride that leads to the very steep steps and steep path back up the hill home. I was out for about an hour and a half and really enjoyed the sunshine, taking photos and noticing how spring-like the countryside is getting. As I looked across the valley all the trees are just starting to get a slight green haze to them.

It still looks quite wintery on these photos!

Some crocuses just outside my flat

The little chapel in the woods

The cobble path

Little green buds on a twig!

The Rivelin Valley.
Before the main road was build in the 1920's this track was the main horse and cart track out of Sheffield from Hillsborough towards Manchester!

One of the many remains of the Valley's industrial past.

Spring is so nearly here!

The steps back up the hill

All this evening I have felt really happily shattered! I might even sleep better tonight!


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