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What a strange but fun day!

This morning started off weird.

Last night out of the blue I decided to write a quick short e-mail to Calen Paris never expecting to hear anything. I opened my e-mail box this morning to find an e-mail back from him!!!!!   

OMG my dear Tribeies!!! It may have only been about 18 words but it Calen Paris wrote back to me!!!

Then about 11am I got a phone call to say I'd been accepted to move into a two bedroom property! I'd only applied for it last week so I must have been the highest bidder on the list! I've been on the council waiting list for 14 years and have been applying for two bedroom properties. I've been offered two before but one was a nice flat in a dodgy area and the other was just a horrid flat.

These properties I think are lovely they are usually only for over 60's but occasionally they have an odd one that they offer to over 40's so most of the neighbourhood is over 60. It is very near to where I live now. To walk its about 3 minutes, to drive it takes longer as its a 1960's area with little winding roads and loads of cul-de-sacs. They are the log cabin/Swiss housing style and it looks lovely from the outside. I met the neighbours and chatted. they seemed lovely and said that there was no trouble and no noise.

I have to meet the council man for a viewing on Monday at 9am. I have until the end of the day to decide and If I decide I want it I know from friends experience that I would only get a week to move!

Anyway my mom phoned me and asked me to call to see her, she informed me that a relative had visited and left me, my sister my brother and my nephew some money with my mom. That was very unexpected and very generous gift from them.

Then tonight I went to the pub with my usual friend. It was a high ratio of the reds tonight as it's the Easter holidays and the uni crowd are home. Tonight it was 7 out of 20! The one who usually works behind the bar wasn't working tonight otherwise we would have had a full house!

My friend has met a new partner who is a lot older than her (in his 60's) and seems to know everyone in our village! (I thought I knew everyone!) He went off to the bar and was talking for a while with someone who I couldn't see. Then he returns with the friend, whos carrying my drink and suddenly I realise - OMG!!! IT'S ONLY MY LITTLE GINGER PRINCE HARRY!!!! The new partner introduces him to my friend and then to me. He smiles that smile, we shake hands and we talk breifly. It was really surreal to be talking to him when we've obviously seen each other around.

What a strange day!!!
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