C.x (itsjustc) wrote,

It doesn't take much to make me happy - I got out today!

Sometimes all I need is to get some fresh air and see the hills!

I feel much better this evening and much happier.

I went to church this morning and I was still feeling really tired and washed out. After church it was a lady's 65th birthday and we had a pie and pea lunch. I wasn't going to stop at first as I hadn't put my name down for food but the birthday girl surprised me by saying she'd put my name down on the list for me when she heard I wasn't well during the week and had ordered me a veggie pie and was that right? How sweet that she'd remembered to include me when there was a whole church full of about 150 people! and to have remembered to order me a veggie pie was really sweet!

I will add at this point that I'm not actually a veggie, but i've never been a big lover of meat. I tend to eat as a veggie and then about every 8 or 9 weeks I have a meat week where everything i eat is meat. So because I don't like eating meat at do's I just say I'm veggie - it's easier than at one church do going ok I'll have that meat today and then i'll not have meat this day!

So anyway my pie was loverly - and timed just right with me being able to eat the portion they gave me!

Steve met me after and we went supermarket shopping. once we'd got it home and unpacked we went straight back out in the car and drove to the hills just out of the top of the village. We sat and just looked at the view for about an hour and I saw some little cute lambs. Then we decided to go to Ladybower reservoir where we had a little walk and a cup of coffee.  I saw some little duck chicks. They waddled as a family towards us along the woodland path that me and steve were walking along. We stood still so not to scare them and the chicks just stopped to eat something near Steve's foot and then walked over his feet! They wern't scared of people and they were so tiny.

When we got back Steve cooked me a meal - lol with meat I must add 'cos I still nead building up.

A bit of fresh air, some hills, some water, some forestry land and some wildlife and I'm a happy bunny again.
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