C.x (itsjustc) wrote,

Kitchen news

I've been giving my kitchen a tarting up without spending too much as it's hopefully going to be modernised in about a years time. When they modernise them they rip everything out and start again so there's not much point in spending a lot of money on it for now.

So first of all Steve's built me a bottom unit with shelving to store my pots and pans. (I had a work top with nothing underneath!) Then just before I was ill he raised the other work surface by about 3 inches so I could get my washer in. (the work surfaces were at a non standard hight!). It was great to have a washer again and we realy neaded it when I was sick.

Then while I was ill he layed me a tiled floor that looks like wood - he also did that in the bathroom.

Last night we ripped off the 1970's wood pannelling that was on two walls and this morning I have given all my 1970's brown tiles a coat of white tile paint. It needs a second coat because it's a bit streaky in places. The wall that had the pannelling neads the glue sanding off before we can do anything with it.

it's cost so far -
Steve got all the wood for nothing except for about £10's worth.
The floor tiles cost £10 but did the kitchen and bathroom,
The tile paint was expensive at £9.99
I picked up a brand new tin of gloss paint the other day for 50p (bargin!) I'm going to do the door and window frames sometime soon.

I'm now going to go out to see if I can find a new roller blind and two light shades.

It still looks old but at least it now looks like a 1990's kitchen reather than a 70's one, and it looks clean and white rather than dark brown!

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