C.x (itsjustc) wrote,

College news

I went to college today for the first time since Easter. It was the last class of this year.

I went in the afternoon to the new group I've been moved to to meet the other class mates. My two tutors didn't get time to speak to me until I was about to leave when 'T' quite sharply asked me why I hadn't talked to him about moving classes. That I was his responsiblity and I should have talked to him and not the office staff! I apologised that he didn't know but reminded him that after I had told him about my problem of being ill he had told me to go to the office to talk to 'J'. I went to the office and spoke to her, she told me to bring a doctors note - which I did. On the day I took my note in she told me to wait in the library while she discussed it. I told him that as I waited for about an hour in the library I presumed that she was discussing it with him! Then she came back and said it would be better for me to come in the afternoon to which I received a letter about a week later confirming it.

He then realised that I was right about him telling me to see 'J' and backed down a bit. I said I was sorry he didn't know but I felt that really it was 'J's responsibility to have discussed it with him - not mine!

I asked him if the other tutor knew about it and he said he didn't so we both went over and I asked him if he knew about me changing classes he said he knew but had only found out after all the discussions. I apologised to him and relayed all the story again saying that I thought 'J' had discussed it with him and 'T' and he laughed and replied that the communication between them and the office staff was a joke!

They were both ok by the time I left and I was quite proud that I could still give a fast signed argument even after four weeks of not signing or watching any signing and could understand them clearly when they were signing fast to me in heated discussion!

'T' told me that he wants me to film my next evidence before June 1st so that I can be working on the paperwork over the summer months. (so I'm still being pushed as the others in the new group arn't doing their 3rd piece until October!) I feel a bit stressed again about it. I thought I wouldn't be filming until next term too.

Steve and I are planning to go away next Tuesday for a couple of weeks so I'm going to forget about filming for now and think about it when I get home.

Oh lol! I went to a betting shop last week and placed a £2 bet on Norway to win the Eurovision - I won £5.25 :D

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