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Finally! Today is really sunny and hot with a clear blue sky!

Steve and I went to a car boot this morning. I bought a couple of CD's for 30p each, a new outside sweeping brush for £1.50, and two books for 10p each. It was a good car book but just didn't have anything I wanted this morning.

When we got back we walked up to the village to the pub (the ginger one!) for lunch and then over the top and through the fields to the little one-roomed countryside pub. (a round walk of about 3 miles) When we got back at about 4pm Steve washed the car while I sat outside on my little outside bit.

Quite why I'm on the computer now while it's still lovely outside I don't know!

Anyway the last few days have been quite quiet. I've relaxed and read, I've unpacked a few boxes and the other day I actually wrote and added three sentence to a story I started at the end of last year! It's the first thing I've managed to write since about November!

Oh! I had my hair coloured again on Friday.

Here are a few piccies from days out and things from the last couple of weeks that I've kept forgetting to post.

This is from last Sunday - as you can see, very rainy!

Also this week in between the rain showers I've been doing a bit of weeding

This is the one i haven't done yet!

And this is the one I've started - There's a couple of plants in there that I'm undesided as to whether they are weeds or not. I'm going to wait and see what they grow into!

The soil is really bad!! there are so many grass roots in it that it is mainly grass roots with a bit of soil!  I'm going to weed it all find out which plants I actually want and then I think at some point take them out and replant them in new soil.

Here's a couple of piccies to show my hair!

And the view! (no where near as good as from the flat but at least I have one!)


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