C.x (itsjustc) wrote,

Sunny Holidays

I'm having lovely weather! I've been really lucky so far. It's been about 23 - 25C since Friday morning. At the moment I'm in an internet cafe in St Ives. I've not burned and I'm going a nice natural brown colour just from walking around. Steve says I've got more freckles than he's seen in years!

We started off in Burnham on sea which is on the Bristol Channel. The hotel was lovely - Burnham on sea on the other hand was not the prettiest of places!

Then we had three days in Falmouth which we enjoyed. it's on a sticky out bit of land and one side has an old town with cobble streets and harbour, the other side has beaches and beach bars.

We've now got a little chalet on a holiday camp about 4 miles outside St Ives. It has a lovely beach that is 3 miles long!
Yesterday we went looking for this tiny bay that someone in Sheffield told us to visit. They said it wasn't advertised and had a steep cliff face path down to it! Excuse me but - F***!!!! steep cliff face path my bum!!! cliff face rock climbing more like!!! It's a long time since I've been that scared!!! I was nearly crying!! A woman said that most people are scared the first time they do it but when you get to know it it's not that scary. I took some piccies so I'll post them when I get home and show you how high I'm talking!!

Today we're looking around St Ives.
Steve's been getting on my nerves this afternoon as he just can't relax! plus my legs have given up after yesterday. St Ives is very steep with lots of steps and every step up and down is giving me agony! So I've sent him away for an hour while I sit with a coffee and write on here. I love him to bits obviously but a week of constant walking about and him being unable to relax is doing my head in! Hopefully he might start to wind down in the next few days!!

Anyway I hope your all well and I'll catch up with everyone's journals when I get home.


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