C.x (itsjustc) wrote,

News from the weekend

I was feeling slightly better last week, so Wednesday I decided to cut down the tablets I'm taking for the Labyrinthitis a little bit so I cut them from three a day (8 hourly) to two a day (12 hourly). I was fine for two and a half days before the dizziness returned and on Saturday afternoon developed a headache from hell! I nead to find out wether the headache was the illness, the effects of cutting down on the tablets or a compleatly unrelated headache. I think the only way to find out is to try it again sometime in the near future.

Interestingly on Friday night/Sat morning I wrote the first thing in ages in fact since I upped the tablets! 

Actually when I was in Cornwall I cut them down for a day and wrote a small paragraph on a piece of paper!

I think 2 a day = writing + dizziness. 3 a day = no dizziness but also no writing!


I had a busy Sunday - went shopping in the morning then went to the local nursery and bought some flowers and made a hanging basket! I really enjoyed myself and it's hanging outside my living room window. I know it's only got one training plant but it's facing my way so I get to look at it!

We also got a pot and repotted an azalea that was growing in one of my big wooden planters.

Steve and I made an artistic driftwood dangly thing that we had seen in the art shops in St Ives selling for £35! We collected the bits while on the beach in Cornwall.

I then unpacked one of my boxes that contained my nice swirly blue glass that I have collected over the years and put them in the conservatory/sun room. We also put lights around the window. Steve stood back, smiled and said that the room was starting to look more like my place now!



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