C.x (itsjustc) wrote,

AU fic - Amber/Dal

This is a reply to a Tribe prompt at 

comment_fic  on an AU day.


The virus never happened

It seemed like a lifetime ago since they had played together in a gang on the street, the neighbourhood kids together. They had been children then, now they were adults, grownups and today was Amber's wedding day. As she walked towards the front of the church, Dal gazed in awe at the image of perfection she presented in her exquisite dress. Not only had he been her closest friend throughout those long years after her father died, but also like a brother, sometimes an adviser and eventually her lover. Those special occasions, those moments only the two of them had shared, would be etched in his memories forever. She had always called him her Prince Charming, and now this dress proved she was the true princess he’d always known her to be.

She smiled at him, looking radiant and held his arm. His heart ached with sadness as she turned and smiled at the person in front of them. Bray; the man she had met at a party only six months ago and with whom she had been instantly smitten. It had been ‘love at first sight’, she had told him, ‘a lightning bolt from the blue’. On the outside he had managed to look pleased but inside he was slowly dying. Their affair had finished long ago. He loved her with all his heart but knew she didn’t feel the same way. For Amber it had never been anything more than a great and loving friendship.

As tears welled up in his eyes and he gave her hand in marriage to the other man, he wondered if things would have turned out differently in some strange alternate universe. What if there had been a major disaster when they were younger, a virus or something? He was in no doubt that together they would have survived whatever was thrown at them and hoped that maybe their lives would have been slightly different.

Maybe she would have loved him more. Maybe he’d have been the one stood there waiting to marry her instead of Bray. Maybe they would have had children together.

Who knows, maybe they would have finally got around to growing their own vegetables on that little farm that had always talked about buying together.



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